Only one second of video recorded

  • How do i change this?

  • administrators

    It looks like you've already sent a set of logs for us to look at but unfortunately the problem wasn 't clear. Can you please do the following to send us a more detailed set of log files which will give us more information about what is going on:

    1. Go to FBX's Support tab
    2. Change the Log Level setting to Verbose
    3. Attempt a recording session
    4. If only 1 second is recorded, use the Send a Problem Report option to send us your new logs

  • Happened to me just now too and I can't even play the video. Says the file is corrupted.

  • administrators

    On the Settings tab, can you switch the Encoder setting to 'Software H264 Encoder' and then give that a try? Does that record any better?


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