FBX try to Stop the recording but cannot finish it. Endless loading

  • The problem is when i record something it functions totally normal. I see everything i need to see. But when i stop the recording it says it saved the movie. But when i want to restart it to make another recording it doesn´t function at all.

    With short videos it no problem so like 10 - 15 mins, but i record normally an complete hour. This problem occured only after the new update, with the old one, there was no such problem. I´m an early adopter, so i should be able to record a full hour or so.

    I have to get out of the game and i make it big again it says stopping record and nothing more. i have to forcefully close the program but i lose my recorded video.

    Can somebody help?

  • administrators

    Next time it happens, please use the Send a Problem Report on FBX's Support tab to send us your log files so we can check for errors that are causing this to happen.

  • The program is unresponsive at the time when this error occurs. So i do not know how to do it. Or do you mean after a restart?

  • administrators

    Yes, restart and then immediately send the report.

  • I have send it.

  • So what can i do to solve my problem?

  • Just wanted to chime in here and say i had this exact problem as well. I have only encountered the problem twice so far and both of them were today, I was playing World Of Warcraft and wanted to record some of the game play cinematics with my character, Both videos were pretty long and max quality. The Files saved but i can't view them.

    I'll send my logs in aswell.

  • administrators

    So far, none of the reports that we've received have included any log files for the bad recording sessions. We think this might be because if the app is being left on that screen for a long time, it is causing huge log files to be written and the size of the log folder then exceeds the maximum size we allow and is cleared out (we don't want log files eating up all your HD space).

    Our suggestion is to not leave it in that "Stopping recording..." state for more than a few minutes before closing it down and then restarting to send a report from the Support tab. Hopefully that will keep the log file size down and give us something to work with.

  • administrators

    We think the problem is fixed in the version below:


    If it still occurs, leave it on the "Stopping recording" screen for no more than a minute before closing the app. Then please send us a new report so we can check the latest log files.


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