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  • I have been using fbx for a long time now and past 3 weeks this problem is occurring to me. So, once i record some gameplay and i go onto fbx n click stop recording or use my hotkey to stop, fbx gets stuck in a phase of- 'Stopping Recording'. Even if i close it and start it again, i directly go onto the 'Stopping Recording page'. I have to restart my pc to be able to use fbx again but that way i lose my recording. I have installed it 5-10 times now and now the logo of fb is also gone. PLEASE HELP!!!!0_1626705596522_fbx.png

  • administrators

    Next time this happens, do not leave it on that "Stopping recording..." screen for more than a minute before closing it down. Then restart the app and use the Send a Problem Report option on the Support tab to send us your log files to check. (If you leave it on that screen for too long, your log files will grow to large and we won't receive anything)

  • administrators

    We think the problem is fixed in the version below:

    If it still occurs, leave it on the "Stopping recording" screen for no more than a minute before closing the app. Then please send us a new report so we can check the latest log files.

  • it didn't work and i have sent you guys a log


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