The recording stops automatically

  • Basically I play Genshin a lot and most of the time I try to record my sessions so I can make montages etc later on... And sometimes for the first 30 mins it works and then stops automatically. I try to record again but it won't work it won't let me record and it'll only record 30s; 4mins or even 1s sometimes. Which is quite annoying because I've lost some important parts of my gameplays due to that. I tried lowering the recordings' quality. I tried changing settings. I also tried changing the game's settings. I tried playing with no other apps running in the background as well. I tried to change the hotkey for the recording as well but nothing changes. If someone could help me fix that problem it'd help greatly.

  • administrators

    Next time it happens, please use the Send a problem report option on the Support tab to send us your log files so we can check those.

    The usual cause of 1s recordings is that the recording PC does not have enough system resources available when FBX tries to start recording so it is forced to immediately stop. The only other reasosn why recording should stop is that you are either out of disk space / have the option to stop recording when disk space is low enabled or you tab away from a fullscreen game.


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