problem exporting .mp4

  • I have about 20 short clips of 5-20 seconds, that I made from a 20 minute gameplay capture.
    It exported the first 3 just fine, I am able to use the MP4's in windows 10 apps, "films and tv" and crucialy, the imaginatively named "video editor". But when I exported the fourth clip, and any others, the file is the right size on the disk, but the windows apps won't recognise them, opening a black screen. Interestingly, the file opens fine in VLC player, but I cant use VLC player to mash the clips up together into a video.

    There's a spanner in the works somewhere, but I'm out of my depth. Windows doesn't even want to let me change the file extention to .avi, I miss DOS. And I need a hug.

    *update, I am able to repair the mp4's with VLC player. praise the omnassiah.

  • administrators

    Can you send one of the misbehaving MP4s to us at [email protected] so we can investigate please?

  • on reflection, I think it is probably not an FBX issue, just my laptop showing it's age. thanks for getting back to me.


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