Web game recording in Chrome

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    The 2.2 update includes a new feature that allows web games being played in Chrome to be recorded. Enable the feature by going to the new Web Games tab in Settings and tick the 'Enable Chrome Recording' option.

    This feature is still a little experimental and we have more improvements to make to it but feedback on how it performs is welcome.

    Note - Chrome must be using hardware acceleration in order to support this feature so you do need to have compatible video hardware.

    Known issues:

    • If Chrome is using DIrectX 10 instead of DirectX 11, it may just record a black screen. There should be a fix for this soon.

    • The tabs and address bar at the top of the browser window and the scroll bar down the side are included in the saved recording. We plan to add a feature to crop these off so that they are not included in the recording.

    • Some recordings may be missing the first few seconds because the browser content is not refreshed often enough for FBX to initially detect it. We're working on a solution for this.


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