I don't see the Overlay/HUD - what's wrong?

  • administrators

    If you don't see the overlay/HUD when you've switched to the game, this means FBX can't record it.

    We need to know about these! Let us know by going to the Support tab , click 'Send a problem report' and tell us quickly what's wrong.

    In some cases, it could be that an anti-cheat application is incorrectly blocking FBX because it doesn't recognise it. FBX has been whitelisted by the major anti-cheat apps, such as Battleye, EasyAntiCheat and Punkbuster, but there may be some less well known ones out there that we haven't come across yet. Again, we need to know about these if you find any.

    We've also seen a few cases where other apps can get in the way of FBX. Shader injectors such as SweetFX are one example and other game recorders that have been loaded before FBX and are already showing their overlay on the game are another.

  • Boundless may be one of these games that's not working


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