Does FBX update on its own?

  • Just wondering if it updates on its own, as I haven't noticed any type of update dowloading happening at launch.

  • administrators

    Yes, when there's an update available, FBX will download it in the background and give you the option of installing it when it next starts up.

  • Your new 2.5 update is live if I am correct, but I don't think FBX updated because it still looks the same and it hasn't asked me if I wanted to update.

  • administrators

    When FBX starts, it checks for a new release, and if it finds one, starts to download it.

    If you haven't got it already, you should be able to get it by starting FBX, leaving it for 5 mins (its a 50mb download) and restarting it. If this doesn't work - just get the latest release from


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