FBX saying that the video failed to load after a good recording! All help accepted!

  • What happens is that I will record for a few minutes and stop the recording. Everything is fine until I go back into FBX and check to see if it captured correctly, and it says 'Failed Loading Video'. Please help!

  • administrators

    We'll need to see log files to figure out what's going wrong here. Can you:

    • Reproduce the problem by recording and failing to play the recording
    • Go to the Support tab and send us a report

    We'll take a look.

  • Sure thing! I'll do that!

  • YES SAME thing happend to me it said failed to load video

  • administrators

    The most likely cause is that is that the encoder that you have selected is not working properly and is creating invalid MP4 files. Make sure all of your video drivers are correctly installed and up to date. If that doesn't make any difference, try switching to a different encoder.


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