recording problem on emulator

  • hello how i can use fbx to record those games who is runned by emulator in windows 8 and i play pubg on pc by emulator so i want to know that how i can record the videos of my pc pubg by fbx please kindly help me,

  • administrators

    You are using the Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator?

    We've tested this on Windows 10 and it works fine. On Windows 7, there is a known issue where it can only be recorded if the rendering setting is set to OpenGL+ as it doesn't use DirectX on Win 7.

    We've not done any Windows 8 testing for it but you could always try the Windows 7 fix - find the Rendering setting in the Tencent Gaming Buddy options and tick the OpenGL+ option.

  • administrators

    We've looked at the log files you sent us and it seems that the version of Tencent Gaming Buddy that you are running is not actually attempting to use DirectX or OpenGL for some reason. Without it using one of these, FBX is not able to record it.

    The only advice we can give is to experiment with the Rendering settings in Tencent to see if one of those will force it to use DIrectX or OpenGL.


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