FBX 1.1 update now available!

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    The 1.1 update is now available for FBX. Head over to https://www.flashbackrecorder.com/fbx/ to download it.

    Changes include:

    • Various improvements and fixes to webcam code. It should be compatible with more webcams and not suffer from performance problems due to recording at high resolution and scaling it down for inclusion in the game recording.

    • Improved compatibility with UWP games.

    • Restricts disk space used by recordings.

    • Fix: the sync between game/audio/webcam could be lost in low FPS recordings.

    • Improved compatibility with games that use Direct3D v9.

    • Simplified the FPS and Quality settings.

    • Fix: the ‘print-screen’ hotkey was displayed in the UI as ‘snapshot’.

    • Fix: the game FPS could appear in the overlay. Now removed.

    • Fix: issue caused by Direct3D12 games that switch modes too often.


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