Webcam won't show in game/video

  • Hey guys! I attempted to record my first video with the software, but even after checking the box for my webcam, selected the source, checked the "Show webcam while recording" option, & messed around with the opacity bar, the webcam doesn't show in video or while I'm recording.

    If I press the "Preview webcam and set position and size" button it kicks on and allows me to move where it would be, and even shows myself. But the second I click out of that, the webcam doesn't record anymore, even in the games.

    Anything you guys can think of?:D

  • administrators

    Hmm, it's very strange that the webcam preview works ok but then it fails whilst recording. If you do the following, we'll see if we can get to the bottom of it for you:

    1. Go to the Support tab and select Verbose in the Log level drop down.
    2. Attempt another recording with your webcam enabled.
    3. After ending the recording session, return to the Support tab and use the 'Send a problem report' option.


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