FBX help me! The program is causing me problems!

  • Basiclly, i opened it, set everything up...then changed the rec hotkey and went into a game. i was wondering why the overlay didnt show up but i just pressed my rec hotkey. and after 5 min i (thought) i recorded the gameplay so i pressed my rec key again. i went the folder i told the program to save my vids in...and there was no video inside it! Help me FBX! i love your creations! Dont let me down!

  • By the way i was trying to record ROBLOX...is that the problem?

  • administrators

    Recording ROBLOX shouldn't be a problem - we know that a lot of beta users have been able to record it ok. Have you tried any other games to see if a similar thing happens with them?

    If you go to the Support tab of FBX and use the 'Send a Problem Report' option, that will send us a set of log files that we can take a look at to try to figure out why FBX doesn't seem to be detecting that ROBLOX is a recordable game.

  • Sure! Thanks i will send my log report now.

  • Please fix this i really really want to use this software...

  • So somehow i got it to work, but remember it said "no lag" on the description of this software? But there is lots of lag! It dropped right from 45 to 1 frame per second! And worst of all after stopping the recording my whole laptop crashed...


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