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  • I really want to record fortnite for my youtube channel but i cant, is there a fix for this?

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    Epic added support for Battleye anti-cheat in a recent update to Fortnite and that is currently blocking FBX from recording. We've been in touch with them recently to go through the process of getting FBX added to their whitelist of applications that won't be blocked because this is preventing a number of games from being recorded. We're currently waiting for them to get back to us.

    When they confirm that FBX has been whitelisted, it'll just be a case of waiting for them to push an update to the Battleye client and then you will be good to go.

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    We've finally been whitelisted with Battleye. Tried recording Fortnite this morning and we had no problems so you should be good to go!

    Let us know if you still have any problems.

  • Hi, Im still having problems with the FBX Recorder, but the Battleye blocks it sometimes. Not all the time, but sometimes and its annoying because, in order to make it work again I have to turn off the game and open it again with the Recorder...why is the launcher blocking??

  • ![alt text](image url)

  • @Slave-Hunter sorry what?

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    Hi. This is a tricky one for us, because we're unable to reproduce it and Battleye support haven't responded. Without their help we won't be able to get FBX unblocked.

    To be completely sure that Battleye is blocking us and its not a bug in FBX, can you do this please:

    • Reproduce the problem where FBX gets blocked.
    • If possible, do the trick where you close the game then open it again to get the FBX overlay displayed
    • Go to the Support tab in FBX and send us a report.

    And we'll take a look.


  • @FBX-Recorder! [alt text](0_1517879381513_Fortnite FBX blocked.jpg image url)

    Ok following your advice I got this which was the message that tells me that FBX is being blocked, though I can't recreate the situation, this is all i can manage.

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    Thanks! This might help us with Battleye support. We're still unable to reproduce it, which is weird.

  • 0_1518055218314_Fortnite FBX blocked 2.jpg

    0_1518055225112_Fortnite FBX no overlay.jpg

    More photos, first image is the block message and second is the no overlay

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    Ok. Its strange that we can't reproduce this - we can record Fortnite ok. You're definitely on the latest release (of Fortnite)?

  • @FBX-Recorder I think so, just recently verify it too. I don't know but could it be that i accidentally click out of the game whenever my playable character gets killed by other players, could that be the problem? I noticed it seems to be that whenever it happens...

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    Thanks - could be a clue. We'll take a look.

  • Is it fixed? If not it works for me.

  • @RyboyPlayz as in the whole Battleye blocking the FBX?

    Well it rarely happened now, probably been a month since the last block. But when it does happen it freezes the screen for a bit then Battleye pop-up with the blocking FBX recorder window message. However, I still don't know the cause of it still.

    Two possible causes:

    1. when I click out of the game's window (sometime using the Windows keyboard button for quicker exit or moving the cursor outside.
    2. Internet connection? because when i don't move the cursor or click out the game, the game freezes and message pop up. Rarely but it happens.

    Right now I think its gone and fixed but who knows what's going on, with new hackers and glitches happening Battleye getting more updates and probably forgetting the white-listed programs. Thanks for making less frequently though


  • @RyboyPlayz what? sorry what you mean??

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    Hi everyone. Thanks for bearing with us and telling us what's going on. We're still yet to reproduce the problem - its pretty strange. Battleye support has been unresponsive unfortunately.

  • No clue whether this is solved or not, as it's still stickied, but I've seen the same issue yesterday. I don't want to record Fortnite, so it's not really an problem for me, but I thought I might as well notify you of the issue.

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    I think its solved - we can see that Fortnite is our most recorded game, and we've not had a complaint for months. We'll look at un-pinning this.


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