No Overlay in PUBG

  • been trying the game every update and pubg never seems to get fixed, ive tried to begin a recording in the game but cannot get the overlay to pop up so no recording

  • administrators

    The reason that you can't record PUBG at the moment is that it uses Battleye anti-cheat to block applications from accessing the game. Anti-cheat providers are normally quite happy to whitelist game recorders to allow them to do their thing though - they just need to be provided with the relevant information first. We did this a while ago so we're currently waiting on them to get back to us.

    Once we get confirmation from Battleye that we are whitelisted, it'll just be a case of waiting for them to push out an update to the Battleye client. No update will be required for FBX, so once their update is live, you'll be able to get recording.

  • Makes sense, thank you for replying!

  • administrators

    We've given them another poke today so hopefully we'll have some good news soon.

    We'll let you guys know in the Announcements thread on the forum and on our Twitter when we know more so keep an eye on those.

  • administrators

    We've had a response from Battleye and FBX is now whitelisted. PUBG is now recording ok for us, so give it go and let us know if you still have any problems.


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