FBX account types explained

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    Anyone who wants to record with FBX can do so completely free. Just fire up FBX and either sign in with your Google or Facebook account or create a completely new account with your email address. Hey presto! You are now the proud owner of a Free account and can record whatever you want, although your saved recordings will include a rather fetching FBX watermark.

    Don’t want a watermark on your recordings? No problem! Upgrading to a Pro account will remove these. And because we like to give you options, you can choose between either a yearly subscription or a one-off lifetime purchase – whichever suits you best.

    But we don’t want to forget about our loyal users who were with us from the start. Because we think you’re awesome, we’ll automatically convert any accounts created before FBX version 3 was released into an Early Adopter account, which will allow you to continue recording watermark-free. If you decide to get creative editing your recordings using the features added in version 3 and onwards, those recordings will become watermarked.

    Of course, if you are an Early Adopter and want to upgrade to a Pro account, we’ve got you covered on that as well. To show our gratitude for your continuing support, we’ll give you a tasty discount when upgrading to a lifetime Pro account.


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