Always having to reset my settings after rebooting the PC

  • After every reboot all off my settings go back to default and I have to change them to my preferred taste... e.g. 1080 instead off original which in my case is 4k. It happens to hotkey's, Video Settings, and Overlay, I havn't had any need to change the other settings but I presume it would happen to those to.

    This is a lovely app and works bloody amazingly for a free recorder but being able to keep your settings saved after every reboot is crucial for any application!

  • administrators

    If you update any of the settings, those changes should be saved. As you say, it's a pain having to redo them each and every time.

    If you change some settings, close the app and then restart it (without rebooting), does the same thing happen then too? Or is it only after a reboot that settings revert to default?

    Can you reproduce the problem once more and then immediately use the 'Send a problem report' option on the Support tab to send us an error report please? We'll take a look at the log files that will be included in that to see if we can see the cause of your settings being reverted.


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