Overlay not working in free style basketball

  • My FBX game recorder won't provide a overlay in free style basketball.
    This is a screenshot of my settings in the settings category.

  • administrators

    Hi. Strange that your friend is able to record it but you can't. Can you give us the URL of the game, so we can be sure we're checking out the right thing. And are you playing it in a browser?

  • Oops! It seems like it was randomly fixed. It's pretty odd. Thank you!

  • administrators

    Hi. We've taken a look at the logs. It seems that FBX may not have closed down properly previously, and this is preventing it from recording. You shouldn't have any problems recording Minecraft and FS2.

    A Windows restart should fix the problem. Sounds like you may have done this already, but if it happens again, try restarting Windows and let us know if this cures it.


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