FBX 1.6 update is now available

  • administrators

    The 1.6 update is now available for FBX.

    Changes include:

    • FBX could crash some games (e.g. Heroes of Storm) if there was an unusually long delay in injecting the recorder DLL.

    • The overlay could be displayed the wrong color when recording D3D10.

    • FBX could crash on startup for some x86 PCs.

  • administrators

    It seems some naughty gremlins got up to some mischief this morning and briefly released the wrong update for FBX. Anyone who was super quick to update will have seen a sneak peak of an early version of the new user interface that we are currently beavering away on to accommodate all of the ace editing features we have planned.

    Of course, the gremlins have now been escorted from the building and order has been restored, but if you see that you have a new user interface (or you see version on the Support tab), we'd recommend that you download the correct version from https://www.flashbackrecorder.com/fbx/. As awesome as the new interface will be, it is still only half finished...


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