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  • So I didn't notice that you couldn't tell it what to record, it would just automatically recognize the game. The only problem with this would be like in my case, since I want to record flash games. Another possible problem comes up for speedrunners (also like myself) who want to record both their game and timer, as a lot of runs can be considered illegitimate if they do not show their timer during gameplay. I'd love to use this to record, though, seeing as your Lagless recorder is exactly what I need, as my computer isn't very powerful. For now, I'll be using the free version of regular old Flashback, but I'll be waiting to hear from you in the meantime. One more quick question though: once FBX is out of beta, if you have a regular FB license, would you be able to get a free FBX license or change your FB licencse into an FBX license? Because either one of those options, even if available to people who use FBX in beta, would be incredibly convenient.

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    Hi JasonAce, and thanks for the feedback.

    Flash games: we'll look into this, because we know some users want it, but it would be quite a significant change to FBX, which currently only records Direct3D and OpenGL games. These make up the big majority of games, but Flash doesn't use these technologies, unfortunately.

    Same for the timer - if its not part of the process that uses D3D or OGL, FBX can't record it. Would it help if FBX included a timer in its overlay that you could start, stop, reset on a hotkey?

    re. changing FB licences into FBX. Not something we've considered, but thanks, an interesting idea...

  • Yes, a timer with hotkeys, while not the best solution for speedrunners, would definitely work and is probably the easiest solution for the developers. However, if you were going to add the ability to detect flash games, it may not be that hard to also detect timers? I wouldn't know, I'm no expert, but I do have a little coding background, and I mean, maybe? It's not a huge deal, I just thought it would be good to open your product to another large section of the gaming community. I'm asking the developers of various speedrun-oriented timers if any of their programs use D3D or OGL, and I will come back to you with a response. Thank you for your time.

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    Thanks. We'll put a timer on the todo list...


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