Anti virus removing FBX

  • I just changed my AV program, and now when I run FBX, the AV closes it then quarantines the program making it unusable.

    I was previously using Kaspersky, and I'm now using Bitdefender.

    How can I fix this?

  • administrators

    Thanks - we'll look into this and follow up with Bitdefender. False positives happen every so often.

    To work around this I guess you'd need to add FBX to some 'exceptions' list in Bitdefender, or turn it off while running FBX.

  • I've added the exe to a whitelist, and it now runs. However the game crashes when FBX is running.

    Is there a log file I can check to see what might be happening? I've tried running it with Bitdefender disabled, and also tried re-installing it. Without FBX running, the game doesn't crash. I had also used it before I had bitdefender without any problems.

  • administrators


    If FBX is crashing the game, we'd really like more information so we can fix the bug.

    Please can you:

    • Reproduce the crash
    • Go to the Support tab in FBX
    • Send us a report. Include a quick description and your email address so we know its you.

    And we'll take a look into it.



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